Now Track the Performace of your mutual fund easily by the help of charts drawn between Fund's NAV and Date. Select the Mutual Fund Issuing Company from the first drop down list, then click on Go Button, this will list all the Mutual Funds issued by the company, then click on 'Draw/Refresh Chart' Button, this will draw the line chart betweetn Mutual Fund's NAV and Date. For further use you can select fund name from the second drop down list and then click on Draw/Refresh Button. This version of application is free to use.
In more advanced version(which is paid now) you can compare the performance of multiple mutual funds of the same category by help of line,bar,area charts drawn between their NAV, Date, BSE Sensex and NSE Index. This advanced version has various chart types including Bar, Pie, Line and Area Charts and also the option to select daily,weekly,monthly,yearly NAV charts